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My Story

When I first started this campaign, I didn’t know that my toughest constituent was going to be my 10-year-old daughter. She first wanted to know if I would be spending all night at my office the way I do when I’m preparing for a trial. How do you explain to a 4th-grader the constitutional right of zealous representation for anyone accused of certain crimes? But topics of law and justice are never missing from our dinner conversations. She is too young to remember my time in the District Attorney’s office on the other side of the aisle as an advocate for the State. I started my career as an assistant district attorney prosecuting homicides and other violent criminals. 

I grew up right here in Oklahoma County, graduating from the University of Central Oklahoma. After completing law school, I returned home to start my legal career and family. A highlight of my legal career so far has been the opportunity to represent parents fighting to be reunited with their children. The struggles of this fight came into full view when I served as a foster parent. 

I didn’t take the decision to run lightly, rarely do people come to the bench with experience as a judge. However, the years I have spent practicing in the courtroom on both sides have readied me to see legal issues as a whole and not through the lens of a single view. Moreover, the tricks of the trade are not lost on me. This rounded legal experience has created the foundation I need to be ready for this job. 

People have asked me why a criminal defense attorney would make a good judge. Isn’t all I care about money and finding loopholes for criminals to be set free? When we look at the bench, we see it is mainly filled with ex-prosecutors, but that leaves the judicial system lacking a critical perspective. I know how criminal defense attorneys are perceived, but what isn’t portrayed on TV is the fight to protect those who are falsely accused. Because at the end of the day, no one likes a criminal defense attorney until they really need one. 

I love our community; we have an amazing diversity of cultures and people who enrich the cities we live in. I love that as Oklahomans, we stand and come together when times are tough, being a neighbor to all.

I have spent the last decade of my life serving the people of Oklahoma County. I am ready to continue that service in the years to come as your associate district judge. 



     Angela Singleton was born and raised in Oklahoma City. The daughter of a United States Postal Worker, Air Force Reservist father, and a homemaker mother, Angela saw the power of dedication and hard work on a daily basis. 

     After law school, Angela became a volunteer at the Oklahoma County District Attorney's Office. By forging this position she was able to show her dedication to public service and was hired as an assistant DA, just a few months later.

     As an assistant district attorney in the daily trenches of the Oklahoma County Courthouse, it became quickly clear that practicing in front of judges who were fair, prepared, and had a servant's heart were the lifeblood of the justice system.


"Every person should be able to walk into a courtroom and know that they will be treated fairly. That the Court will be prepared, will follow the law, and treat all parties with respect."

"I will never forget the lessons I learned growing up in our wonderful city. The Oklahoma Spirit led me to continue the legacy of my parents and begin my career in the service of our community. I found that there is nothing we cannot do as a community if we remain focused on our goals."

      A seasoned trial attorney, Angela opened her own practice in 2016 and continued to serve the citizens of Oklahoma County. Being an attorney and a small business owner gave Angela new experience in the importance of perseverance and being responsible for all outcomes.

    Working with people every day was an education on how clients deserve to be treated. Further, how significant it was to appear in a court in which her clients were treated with respect, dignity, and fairness, regardless of why that person was there.     

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